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2017 Interior Design Trends #5

Strictly Antique Is Out!

The pressure is well and truly off this year when it comes to only pairing antiques with pieces from the same era. In 2017 it’s all about mixing era’s, so there is now a place for Grandma’s chair in any home.

The lovely piece of furniture or accessory you inherited, which holds loving memories of your childhood, can be used as a starting point to your design but it doesn’t mean your entire space has to be designed with the same period in mind.

It’s more pleasing aesthetically, and certainly more intriguing, to mix elements from the past and the future. If done properly it can look really good!

Of course there are certain retro pieces which have never gone out of fashion and now look almost modern again, as well as some modern replica pieces which will sit very well with antiques. Not forgetting of course the trend for giving old furniture a new lease of life with some paint.

Whatever you do we hope you have great fun furnishing your new Westerman Home.

Pictures courtesy of bonnyneiman.com check out their website for more ideas.