Month: February 2017

Client Testimonial

Mrs G purchased a Dale house type from us. Here’s what Mrs G had to say about her experience of purchasing a new home from us… For more details about the Dale house type click here>

Searching For Your Next New Home

Still searching for your next new home? If you’ve been searching for a new home but haven’t found anything yet, don’t give up… Chloe had been looking for a new home for a while and she was about to give up when she found our Larwood Park development. Call into the Sales and Information at… Read more »

Declutter Your Living Room Using Imaginative Storage

Declutter Your Living Room Moving into a new home presents the ideal opportunity for you to do some serious decluttering Be imaginative with your storage… Start your declutter by finding stylish homes for electrical items such as music systems and TVs and of course don’t forget a basket or something similar for the remotes. A painted cupboard… Read more »