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Bike Week UK June 8th-16th 2019

Cycling is not about wearing lycra and being sporty, it’s simply a quick way of getting from A to B whilst keeping fit and healthy, and anyone with a bike can do it!

Bike Week UK is all about making small changes to encourage more people to leave the car keys at home and travel by bike instead.

With the cost of fuel and parking becoming increasingly expensive, cycling has grown to be an attractive alternative way of travelling as it is completely free and is often just as quick as driving, particularly when making shorter journeys.
We appreciate that the weather puts a lot of people off cycling, but with the days now longer and the temperatures higher, it’s a great time of year to start your bike journeys!

Top Tips to Take Part in Bike Week 2019
• Start small. You don’t need to go straight in to a 10-mile bike ride. What about cycling to the local shop or to meet a friend at a nearby coffee shop?

• Get kitted out. We aren’t necessarily talking sports clothes – in fact, if you’re making a short bike journey, you could simply cycle in the clothes you’d be wearing anyway. Make sure you have lights if cycling in the dark, and whilst a helmet isn’t essential, it will help improve your safety.

• Plan your route. If you’re not keen on cycling on the roads, there are lots of off-road cycle routes to help you feel more confident travelling on your bike. Use a cycle route planner to find your closest off-road route and enjoy a more scenic journey.

• Find a bike buddy. Try bringing a friend or family member along with you for the first time you’re going on your bike. It’s a different way of socialising and can add to your confidence.

• Try cycling to work or with the kids to school – these are journeys you would have to make anyway, so it’s a perfect way to introduce the bike to your daily routines.

Register with Love to Ride Nottingham and record your bike journey for a chance to win some fantastic prizes, including a European city break! The bike ride only needs to be at least 10 minutes, could that be your journey to work or to the shop?

For more information on local cycling routes from Larwood Park visit, pick up a local cycling map from the Larwood Park sales suite or visit Nottinghamshire County Council’s website for local cycling routes.