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Lift Share Week

Liftshare Week 1-7th October 2018

Liftshare Week is all about celebrating the social, environmental and financial benefits of car sharing.

It’s time to take stock about how you travel and think, is there anyone I could share my journey with to save a bit of money and make new friends along the way?

You don’t need to own a car to car share, so whether you are a driver or a passenger visit the Nottinghamshare site (www.nottinghamshare.com) and log a journey you’ll be making to find a like-minded person to share your journey with.

There are many great reasons to start car sharing, here are just a few:

Become an everyday hero!
Car sharing helps to save the planet by reducing congestion and air pollution

Only share when it’s convenient for you.
Car sharing is flexible, so you can pick and choose the dates you choose to share.

How does an extra £1000 a year sound?
Regular car sharers at Liftshare.com save by splitting fuel costs and parking charges.

Everyone is doing it – sharing is big news!
Users at Liftshare.com share over 1 million trips per month so you have a great chance of finding people you enjoy sharing with.

It’s free to join!
There is no fee for using the site to find a journey match. What have you got to lose?