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What Type Of Christmas Tree?

What type of Christmas tree will you be opting for this Christmas, real or artificial?

Can’t decide… Real trees are lovely but there is no doubt that you will have to wait longer to put up your tree if you opt for a real one. Unless you want to be constantly cleaning up pine needles.

Good quality artificial trees have lots of things going for them. While they can be fairly expensive initially, you only have to fork out once for something that will likely last a lifetime of Christmases. That said, many of you will be saying to yourself “But you can’t beat a real tree.”

A fake tree won’t stab you in the hand whilst you decorate it and you won’t be picking needles out of your carpet for the month after Christmas. However one of thew downsides to choosing an artificial tree is finding somewhere to store it.

Whatever type of tree you go for we hope you have great fun choosing it, decorating it and enjoying it along with your family during the whole of the festive season.